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Last spring, I bought the Sony HVR-V1U from B&H Photo in New York. Their web site stated the audio frequency response to be 20-20,000Hz. Being this is a digital recorder and is part of a professional broadcast camera with XLR, phantom-powered inputs, I was overjoyed to expect that the camera would have some really decent and useable audio. I brought the matter to Sony's attention. They didn't care and they didn't fix the problem. So I made a documentary about the problem:


or try

I have lightly promoted the documentary on various forums via a single post last summer.

I have asked new owners of the new XDCam EX if they are experiencing any issues with that camera, similar to those on the V1U. When a new owner would come online, about once a month or so, I would ask them politely if they would mind testing the camera and reporting the results with RightMark Audio Analyzer, a free tool that provides accurate analysis of audio hardware performance.

Last week, I was unceremoniously banned from discussion forums. I was not so much as offered a warning from any of the moderators. They just state that they're tired of me. Why? I think that could be traced to a trigger event that is a non-starter--I asked a blogger, who'd just recently got a Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder, on that site, using the comments field at the bottom of his blog, if he would consider testing the audio performance of his camera and posting the results.

(It seems that I am not alone--Jonas Hummelstrand of Sweden was also banned from and you can read about his situation here:

Read more unhappy X-cows here: (2500 video users banned so far? Amazing! It seems like the Cow's operators enjoy banning people just for the power play.

And here's even more:
..and more:


Getting back to my story, within hours of my asking this blogger a question, I received an e-mail from Ron Lindeboom, an administrator at CreativeCow:


If you cannot bother to respond to an email that is sent to you, then please do NOT bother using the Creative COW site.

Your point has been made over and over and over...what part of it hasn't been heard on repeated occasions???

Please add Creative COW to the growing list of sites that have grown weary of you and have turned off your account. We have heard and spoken with a few others and based on how you have used the COW, it really comes as no surprise to me that there is more than one community on the net that doesn't want you around.

Ron Lindeboom

There is one major problem with the above e-mail: It is the ONLY e-mail I received from anyone at, and the FIRST indication that anyone there had a beef with me about something. And what about? This is pure "BS" and it appears they were looking for an excuse to get rid of me from their forums, because they are worried that Sony may stop feeding them advertising $$$ if I'm allowed to remain on the board. I can think of no other reason.

Normally, if you're going to ban someone from a forum, you at least issue a warning or two, and do so in a timely basis. This guy pretended that he'd sent me multiple e-mails within hours of sending this "final" one and lied about doing so, because obviously I received his only e-mail (above) and am being accused of not responding to these other (nonexistent) e-mails. The whole thing was a sham and a setup.

I suspect also that Douglas Spotted Eagle, a forum moderator there who accuses me of being incompetent at measuring audio frequency response, is behind this ban on my account.

I strongly urge the advertisers who financially support to withdraw their advertising dollars and direct them to another site that doesn't practice these unreasonable tactics. If you agree with me, write Ron Lindeboom at and tell him how you feel about this. Or write him at:

Ron Lindeboom & Associates
2320 Adams Street
Cambria, California 93428
805.927.8845 (vox)
805.423.0335 (cell)

or email Ron

This sort of behavior of a moderating team is just plain ridiculous. It is now illegal to politely express that there is a problem with a Sony product on this forum and to ask others who have ventured into new Sony product purchases to test and confirm specs, so that you can avoid another V1U catastrophe (see video above for details).

If that's what Ron wants, then so be it. And I advise anyone considering contributing to that biased forum to go elsewhere. There are plenty of other premium video production forums on the 'net. Vote with your feet. I also strongly advise anyone buying advertising on to withdraw your ad revenue and place it with a competing board that treats its members with at least a normal degree of civility.


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